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ZeptoOS-BGP 2.0 released May 11, 2009.
Most important changes:

  • first public release with support for Blue Gene/P
  • ZeptoOS Compute Node Linux with:
    • Big Memory
    • Native communication support
    • IP forwarding
  • ZOID enabled by default

ZeptoOS-BG 1.5 released June 28, 2007.
Most important changes:

  • tested on V1R3M2 driver, should work with V1R3M0 and V1R3M1 as well
  • support for ZOID
  • ION kernel with experimental support for compute class processes and static TLB
  • PVFS2 updated to version 2.6.3

ZeptoOS-BG 1.4 released January 31, 2006.
Most important changes:

  • tested on V1R2M1 driver and may work with V1R2M0
  • 2.6 ION kernel (based on 2.6.5)
  • pvfs2 binary and rc script update
  • boot msg clean up
  • fixes
  • misc. such as fixing /tmp perms

ZeptoOS-BG 1.2 released November 11, 2005.
Most important changes:

  • Integrated support for KTAU, a kernel profiling/tracing tool.
  • Support for custom /bgl/dist-type directory trees. Eliminates a need to put ZeptoOS-specific stuff inside a directory shared with standard IBM profile.
  • An installation script is now available, to ease the installation process.
  • Added zswitcher, a command to switch kernel/ramdisk of a partition.
  • Added zdiff-elfrd, a command to compare two ramdisks.
  • Improved zinfo: more robust, more secure, easier to set up.
  • CIOD read/write buffer size can now be calculated automatically, taking into account available memory, compute to I/O node ratio, etc.

ZeptoOS-BG 1.1 released September 6, 2005.