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Mercurial Repositories

The designated reference repositories for the following scripts are located on NFS in the directories:


The scripts pull updates from the repositories in those directories and the updates to the repositories served to the outside under


are done manually.

The reference repository for the main web page is at


Cron Jobs

all scripts called by the cron jobs are found in the mercurial repo on NFS under


the 3 top level scripts are

  • rapsodiaTestAll.bash: for regression testing; pulls latest changes; invoked on 32 and 64 bit Linux with different combinations of C++ and Fortran compilers; generates output to be displayed on the test page
  • redoDoxyRapsodia: regenerates the Doxygen pages for the source code documentation if needed
  • redoManualRapsodia: rebuilds the manual when needed, includes running the examples whose output is shown in the manual.

The same repository contains the crontabs (named crontab.<MachineName>) for all currently running cronjobs on MCS machines.


The Jenkins CI server at MCS has a simple Rapsodia build project. It is intended to be expanded to replace the cron jobs mentioned above and automate the updates to the repositories served to the outside. The reference code repository at


has a hook script


that is called when a change occurs. It triggers the Jenkins build.