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  • criteria:
    • capacity
    • power available (power package at extra cost)
    • wifi (sufficient capacity)
    • nearby space for posters.
    • space for coffee breaks
  • options:
    • behavioral sciences (poster space problem) larger lecture hall power, but cannot serve coffee breaks
    • Lory 228 (better) +204,206 combo for posters, no power, no tiered seathing
    • Lory North ballrooom, no power, no tiered seating
    • Clark building, posters/coffee breaks in the hallway
    • "Grey Rock" room (cap. 120 people lecture w/o tables, 80 w tables, mix possible, room chart) possibly too small
  • Poster session:
    • separate room, cost $100 per day
    • Grey Rock has limited wall space
    • $10 rental per poster board (4x8 feet, possible double sided space permitting) + $100 setup fee

Accomodation - package deals - registration

  • hotels (hilton , best western, closest, Armstrong closest to old town)
    • Armstrong Hotel: european, like a large b&b, also has railroad noise, can reserve only 5 rooms as moving reserve at a time , group rate: queen: $79 week, $149 weekend; suite: $115 week, $179 weekend
    • Hilton: nice, as expected , has a front to railroad tracks, block rate $109 (single), $119 (double)
    • Best Western University Inn: group rate? run down, quietest
  • package deal on campus - includes breakfast,lunch, parking, rec center access and $61.18 OCS fee
    • single occupancy package pp $419.31 (394.56 if we hit target) reserved 14
    • double occupancy package pp $309.81 (285.06 if we hit target) reserved 16
  • "commuter" package pp $61.18 reserved 50 (includes parking, rec center access)
  • conference service at Colorado State U: fee per person includes
    • registration (per website) via bank transfer or credit card (3% credit card surcharge is charged to sponsor, i.e. has to be accounted for in the registration fee)
    • reports on registrations
    • badges?, people at a registration desk
    • obtain hotel group rates
    • coordination for meals, conference dinner, transportation
    • conference room rental Clark A201
  • lunch:
    • served lunches specific for the conference require booking a separate room
    • alternative: local fast food places (Panda Express, Subway etc.)
    • better alternative: get a meal plan from conference services for student cafeteria, said to be much better than average student dining
  • breakfast/coffee breaks: can be served,see menu. in the foyer of the Grey Rock room (no need to book an extra room)
  • total registration fee estimate: $250 - $350 (was mentioned before; need to come up with spreadsheet)

Invited Speakers


  • Lorenz Biegler, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
  • Luca Capriotti, Credit Suisse, New York City. USA
    prefers to speak on Monday or Friday
  • Don Estep, CSU, USA
  • Mary Hall. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA
  • Barbara Kaltenbacher, University of Klagenfurth, Austria
  • Markus Püschel, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Siegfried Rump. Hamburg University of Technology, Germany Andreas Griewank, Humboldt, Germany
  • Bert Speelpenning, MathPartners, Seattle, USA

Program Committee

  • M. Berz, Michigan State U, USA
  • C. Bischof. RWTH Aachen, Germany
  • M. Buecker, RWTH Aachen, Germany
  • B. Christianson, U of Hatfield, UK
  • D. Gay, Sandia, USA
  • A. Griewank, Humboldt U Berlin, Germany
  • L. Hascoet, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France
  • P. Heimbach, MIT, USA
  • K. Kubota, Chuo U, Japan
  • K. Makino, Michigan State U, USA
  • J.D. Mueller, Queen Mary University of London, UK
  • U. Naumann, RWTH Aachen, Germany
  • B. Norris, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
  • T. Steihaug, U of Bergen, Norway


book title? "Recent Advances in Algorithmic Differentiation"


  • Shaun Forth
  • Paul Hovland
  • Eric Phipps
  • Jean Utke
  • Andrea Walther

info for LNCSE

  • production time: 4 months
  • cost estimate: $55-60 for initial bulk purchase, $125-$150 for single copies
  • rules for color figures

dates in reverse for proceedings to be delivered to Fort Collins:

  • March 23: Send to Springer (aim for March 16, with one week of slack)
  • Feb 27: Final "camera ready" version due
  • Feb 20: major revision due
  • Feb 3: Notification of acceptance
  • Jan 27: Referee reports due
  • Jan 6: Papers distributed to referees (earlier if we stick with the original due date (unlikely))
  • Dec 21: Papers due (can be pushed back to Jan 4, with abstracts due Dec 21)

Excursion - Conference Dinner

  • excursion options:
    • hike
    • brewery tour
  • dinner time/location Bisetti's