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[ Paul Hovland]
[ Paul Hovland]
Andrew Lyons
[ Andrew Lyons]
Boyana Norris
Boyana Norris

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About Automatic Differentiation at Argonne

The Computational Differentiation Group (aka Automatic Differentiation Group) at Argonne develops technologies for generating, with minimal human effort, efficient derivative code for models implemented as computer programs. These technologies include compiler-based automatic differentiation tools, new differentiation strategies, and web-based differentiation services. Our research is guided by our collaborations with scientists from a variety of application domains.


ADIC for C/C++

ADIFOR for Fortran 77

OpenAD/F for Fortran 90


Paul Hovland

Andrew Lyons

Boyana Norris

Ilya Safro

Jaewook Shin

Jean Utke

Working Notes

The next AD conference

AD 201X

AD 201X Internal

Tools related pages

AD tools integration with NEOS


Other Software


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