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Getting access

Send a note to requesting access to the account

What you need to know

This is a shared account. You will have access to all surveys that have been created, and all people with access will be able to see your surveys and results. If this doesn't work for you, please let us know and we can explore alternate options.

You will login at using the username cels-survey and the password provided to you.

How it works

The shared account is set up using a mailing list, so that all CELS surveymonkey users will see all e-mail communications from Survey Monkey.

If you don't have an active survey, you may want to turn off delivery of new messages. You can accomplish that at the following link:

The password for the above page is your personal list password you received when you were added to the list. You can have a reminder sent from that page if you don't recall it.


Don't share or change the surveymonkey password.

Once you're in, you can get help on creating surveys here.