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If you need a website secured and/or encrypted (a requirement if you use passwords), you'll need the site to be behind SSL encryption. This is accomplished with an SSL Certificate.

If the users of the site will only be internal or a small number of trusted users, you can get by with a self-signed certificate, though you'll need to specifically trust the certificate in your browser.

However, if the site is externally facing, we strongly recommend using a commercial certificate for any encrypted pages. Systems can obtain and install these certificates for you. (Remember, all of the main websites in CELS already have their own certificates. This generally only applies if you want encryption for a website outside of the realm of

You have two options at present. Our recommendation is that an Entrust certificate is appropriate, but we can obtain either for you.

If you require a certificate for your site, please let us know at Please include the cost code or project to which the funds should be charged.


Annual Cost: $207 per certificate.

Verisign certificates are the most widely trusted certificates, even by older browsers.


Annual Cost: $150 per certificate

Entrust certificates are trusted by almost all web browsers (a list can be found here).