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Updated 2/6/2018

Adding Printers on the Macintosh

OS X 10.8.x - 10.13.x
Public Canon Printers:

  1. Identify the printer you're installing drivers for: Refer to the public printers list to find the name, location, and model number and for the printer you want to install.
  2. Download the appropriate installer for your version of OS X from the link provided on the page above. Building 240 Canons should use the PS driver. You can also use the UFR_II driver if you prefer.
  3. After installing the driver software you will need to create a printer "queue" in System Preferences.
  4. Open System Preferences -> Print & Fax
    System prefs.png
  5. Click the plus sign in the pane that opens.
    Note: you may need to click the Lock Locked.png and enter the Administrator password
    Print fax locked.png
  6. On the top of the widow that opens click IP and choose the following settings:
    Add printer.png
    Protocol => Line Printer Daemon - LPD
    Address => Enter the printer nearest to you found on this list. (Be sure to include the domain after the printer name. Example:
    Queue => Leave blank
    Name => It's free-form, you can call it anything that makes sense to you, by default it will fill in the name that's in the Address field.
    Print Using => Click the dropdown and choose "Select Printer Software... " you'll be presented with a list of printer drivers, Printer software.png
    you can whittle down the list by typing in the model number in the search box on the upper right corner.
    You should choose the driver that matches the printer model you have chosen from the list, for example: ==> Canon iR-ADV C5030 search for "5030"
    Printer Software.png
  7. Click on the driver name that comes up. Make sure it ends with "PS" if you're in building 240 only, and then click "OK"
  8. That window will close and you will be back to the Add Printer Window, click "Add"
    Driver selected.png
  9. Choose the "Output Options" for the Printer, (see the list below).
  10. Click "Continue"
  11. If you get a dialogue asking for the Communication Setting, choose "Bidirectional"
  12. That should be it.
    Yay. And Huzzah.

If there is a printer you believe should be served by our print server, but is not, please let us know.

Public Printers

See The Printers page .

Two-Sided Printing

While the 2 sided printing option appears to be under the Layout menu, this is in fact disabled with the Canon driver. Instead, you will find the 2 sided option under Finishing.

Setting up a Cover Page

In your Print dialog, hit the little triangle next to the printer name, then from the lowest dropdown box in that box, choose "Cover Page", then select your preference. It will be remembered on a per-printer basis.

Cover Page.png

Private Deskside Printers

Download the following disk image:


If it doesn't mount automatically then double click it and find the printer you would like to install. Double click that and follow the prompts. ou will need administrator privileges in order to install it. In general the printers are named following this convention:


NOTE: Please do not install one of these printers if you do not have permission from the occupants of that office.