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This set of instructions is geared towards our divisional linux workstation users.

For printing on your laptop, Windows machine, or Mac machine, please see the appropriate areas:

OS Specific Instructions

Which printer should I use and where is it?

All of these printers are fast, and are capable of double-sided printing.

Printers Location Model Name Driver Name Finisher Options
pr-1F8-color 1st Floor around corner from stairwell 1F8 Canon iR-ADV 5535 TBD Inner Finisher A1
pr-1180 1st Floor oasis 1180 Canon IR 6565 Fax TBD Staple Finisher E1
pr-1144-cesar Near 1144 IR 4535    
pr-2d11-color 2rd Floor 2d11 MCS open space IR 5535 TBD Inner Finisher A1
pr-3168 3rd Floor oasis 3168 IR 6565 Fax TBD Staple Finisher E1
pr-3180-color 3rd Floor oasis 3180 IR 5535 TBD Inner Finisher A1
pr-4165 4th Floor oasis 4165 IR 6565 TBD Staple Finisher E1
pr-4171-color 4th Floor oasis 4171 IR 5535 TBD Inner Finisher A1
pr-5168-color 5th Floor oasis 5168 IR4545 Fax TBD Finisher S1

Using the Plotter

To print to either the MCS plotter or the ALCF plotter, please consult with the Help Desk directly. In order to prevent paper waste from misprints and printer malfunctions from incorrectly loaded paper, all jobs to the plotter must be submitted to the help desk for printing.

Jobs should be submitted to the help desk in PDF format along with the required dimensions of the image. Both plotters have a printing width of 42".

The plotter is located in 240/2d11.

What is my limit for using the printer?

There is no quota, limit, or charge on the amount of paper you can use while you are in the division. Please, however, be considerate of the trees and expense. If you are going to print off a long document, print the document double column and rotated; for example, enscript -2r foobar. When possible use on-line viewing interfaces, such as ghostview or gv (for postscript files), xdvi (for dvi files), Adobe Reader (for PDFs), or your web browser where appropriate.

What happened to the single-sided print queues?

By default, the large copiers print double sided. You can specify single-sided from print dialog of your program. From the command line in Linux, you should specify:

  lpr -o sides=one-sided <filename>