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Requesting a New Git Repository

Self Service Options!

There are a couple of self-service options for git repositories offered. If you wish to have your git repository accessible to the internet at large and want the option for external collaborators, visit

For internal-only repositories, please visit

Users with CELS accounts can use the LDAP login for either site to create and manage repos.

Slower, soon-to-be-retired option:

It's not recommended, as the server is being retired soon, but if, for some reason you feel you’d rather the repository live on, fill out the form at link below with your reasons to request a new repository and we’ll be in touch.

Using a Git Repository stored on

Once your Git repository has been created or if you are trying to access one that already exists, you can clone the repository anytime by running the following command:

  git clone<project name>.git

where <project name> is the name you chose when requesting your repository or the name of an already existing project.

If you chose to allow public access to your repository, you can access this via the web at:<project name>.git

where, again, <project name> is the name you chose when requesting your repository or the name of an already existing project.

You can find other general git commands/uses via the web or by running in your terminal:

  man git

Access Control in Git for

In CELS we use public SSH keys for access control. This gives us the ability to allow access for both Argonne and non-Argonne employees depending on the project. These keys are separate from the accounts page, so if you currently have a key installed on our accounts page, you still may need to have access configured for you.

If you know we already have your current key installed in git, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you can get access to a repository by sending a message to along with your public SSH key and the project you need access to. If you are not the owner of the project, we'll need approval from the project owner in order to grant you access.

Access can be granted to users as either Read-Only or Read/Write.

Please note that if this project is going to allow access for non-Argonne employees that it abides by DOE rules and not contain any information that shouldn't be accessed as such.