Faxing in TCS

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This document applies to users in MCS, CELS, and ALCF.

Outgoing Fax from TCS

  • There are 4 CELS Canon copiers configured for sending faxes. Each one identifies itself with the main CELS fax number (630-252-5986)
    • pr-1180 - 1st floor Oasis
    • pr-3168 - 3rd floor Oasis
    • pr-4165 - 4th floor Oasis
  • Canon Fax instructions
    • Put your document face up in the scanner feeder.
    • Go to the "Send" menu on the copier.
    • Select Fax from the available options.
    • Enter the phone number, dialing 7 first for an outside line.
    • Press the start button.
    • A report will print telling you if your fax was sent successfully.

Incoming Fax to 630-252-5986

  • Faxes received will be printed on pr-3168 to be picked up.
  • A copy will be sent to "faxwatch@mcs.anl.gov" as well.
  • You can subscribe to be notified of new faxes at the faxwatch list page.