Configuring TortoiseSVN on Windows XP

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This page is not intended to be a primer in how to use subversion. Information on subversion can be found at


Download and install TortoiseSVN. You will need to reboot the machine at the end of the software install.


The basic method consists of checking out the repository and updating or committing as appropriate. The simplest case is as follows:

  • Go to My Documents, create a folder with the name of the repository you wish to use. Open that folder.
  • Right-click, and choose "SVN Checkout".
  • Fill in the URL of the subversion repository you're using (eg, or, and the name of the folder for the local copy (the default is probably right). Keep the other defaults, and click OK.
  • If asked about the certificate, choose "Accept permanently".
  • Use your MCS/ALCF workstation/email username and password.

After the above process completes, you'll have a local copy of the repository you can use to read/edit/add files and check-in to the repository.