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Argonne provides all employees who desire one with a Box account tied to your ANL Domain account. CIS's documentation on using box can he found here, however this document is designed to provide direct step-by-step instructions to CELS Administrative users in setting up their environment.

By following these instructions, everyone will have the same basic install and can follow the same directions as their coworkers.

Get an account

First, if you don't already have one, get an account. To see if you already have one, try logging in here using your ANL Domain account. If you don't, you can request one here.

Login to your Box Account

Login here, at which point you should be presented with your Box environment.

Create your basic folder environment

We want to make sure you have a few basic folders created. Then we'll set them up to act in a way that makes them more useful to you.

  1. Click "New", then "New Folder", and name it username Sync Folder, where username is your ANL Domain username. Choose "Keep private for now" in "Collaboration", then click Okay.
  2. Find the folder you created in your list of folders. On the right hand side of the list, there's a little box with a downward-pointing triangle icon. Click that, and choose "Sync Folder to Computer"
  3. Click "New", then "New Folder", and name it username Stored Folder, where username is your ANL Domain username. Likewise, choose "Keep private for now" and click Okay.

Now you've got (at least) two folders, one of which is named Sync Folder, and the other named Stored Folder. Because of what we did in step two, the contents of that "Sync" folder will be synced down to any computer that you're running the Box Sync client on.

We're making sure that's installed on all laptops we support. What this means is that files that live in that folder will also live on your computer. When you edit them, they'll get saved up into Box. If you delete them, they'll be deleted from Box. If you create new files in that folder, they'll show up in Box. Likewise, any changes you make on the Box website will also be reflected on your computer.

Making sure Box is Syncing

Presumably you've got Box Sync installed on your computer. Let us know at if you don't. It should be running and syncing files for you. In your home directory on your computer, there should now be a folder named "Box Sync", and in that, a folder named "username Sync Folder".

We want you to treat that folder as you would your documents folder or your desktop. You should put everything you want to edit in that folder. Why? Well, for one, because it gets backed up all the time. If you accidentally delete it, we can get it back within 30 days. If your computer dies, everything that was in that Sync folder is also up in Box. If you need to move to a new computer, your documents will follow you.

You should put a shortcut to that folder on your desktop. Don't just drag the "sync" folder to your desktop - that will move it and it won't be in Box anymore. Instead, right-click it and choose "Make Alias". It will create a new folder called username Sync Folder alias. That folder, you can drag onto your desktop.

If you have troubles with any of this, just let us know at and we'll take care of you.

This page will be udpated with more info on using folders shared amongst your group soon, so bookmark this page and keep an eye on it.