3162 and 4162 Displays

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(3162 instructions coming soon)


How to display your content

You can connect via HDMI via the StarTech HDMI box on the table. DVI or HDMI can be attained via an adapter (not present in the room at the moment, so bring your own).

To change inputs on the TV, the "Source" button on the remote will show you available inputs. There are no buttons on the display, so don't lose the remote. You should only need to use HDMI 1 and HDMI 2.

Mac Mini

  • TV should be on Input HDMI1
  • Account should be logged in automatically. Logitech keyboard/trackpad combo on table and Plantronics conference speaker are paired to the mac. They are both capable of operating on battery alone, and the USB is for charging.


  • TV should be on Input HDMI2
  • Use HDMI cable on table
  • The best resolution to use is 1080p.

SmartTV Features

Not enabled yet, will update instructions when that's an option.