Windows 7/Vista Authenticated Network Instructions

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In order to connect to the ArgonneX-auth wireless on site from a Windows 7 or Vista machine, the following must first be configured:

First, click on the Network taskbar icon then click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

On the left hand side, select "Manage Wireless Networks".


Click the "Add" button and choose "Manually create a network profile".

Enter the network name as either ArgonneG-auth or ArgonneA-auth depending on your wireless card capabilities.

The Security type will be WPA2-Enterprise and the Encryption type will be AES. Click on the "next" button.


The next window will say that you've "Successfully added <wireless_access_name>".. (They lied).

Click on "Change connection settings".


Then select the "Security tab".

Make sure that "network authentication method" is Protected EAP (PEAP) and choose "settings".


Uncheck the "Validate server certificate" box.

Then click on the settings box under "Select Authentication Method".


Uncheck "Automatically use.. blah blah blah". Click "ok", "ok", and one more "ok".

After a few seconds a box should appear asking for your credentials. Enter your ANL Username, ANL Password, and then set the Domain to ANL (if applicable). Click ok.

You are NOW connected to the ArgonneX-auth network.

In some instances, your Windows machine may still not connect to the authorised wireless. A machine restart would usually resolve this.

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