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Due to the nature of our environment, the lab-wide Kronos instructions may not work consistently in MCS. Therefore, we offer this alternative method of connecting.

In all of the cases below, make sure you're inside the Argonne network, or are using the VPN. You will login with your ANL domain credentials, and Kronos will start. When you're done using Kronos, you may need to manually close the Remote Desktop Connection window.

Windows users

Simply select Kronos from

Mac users

Make sure you have the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Software. Then, simply select Kronos from

Unix users

Create a .tsclient subdirectory in your home directory. Download the tsclient RDP file for Kronos and save it in that directory.

MCS linux workstations have "tsclient" installed, which will connect to terminal servers. Connect via:
%tsclient -x .tsclient/Kronos-linux.rdp
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