Guest Wireless Access in Building 240

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When you first access the Argonne wireless system, open a web browser and navigate to A web page will ask you to agree to the Argonne security and privacy notice and to have your computer scanned for common security vulnerabilities. Failure to agree to this policy will result in denied access to the visitor network.

If you agree to the security requirements by clicking the button, you will be asked to register by supplying your name, e-mail address, a telephone number where you can be reached while using the network, an Argonne contact person, and the name of your home institution. Once you complete this form, your computer will be allowed on the visitor network. The next web page should indicate that you will be getting an address on the visitor network within the next minute. In some rare cases, you may have to do a DHCP renew or reboot.

No changes will be made to your computer and no information will be copied from your computer.

Access to the visitor networks will be removed if subsequent suspicious network activity is detected. If this occurs, a web page indicating that your access has been revoked will appear in your browser. Network access will not be restored until your computer has been scanned by IT staff and verified that it is not a threat.

NOTE: If you have installed a personal firewall system, make sure that it is not blocking Internet access. You may need to authorize access while you are using the connection. Please refer to your vendor's documentation for instructions.

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