CDIGS Tiger Teams

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Much of the work that CDIGS does is organized around specific Globus technology areas (e.g., execution management, data, information services). Those activities are described in the Globus Roadmap in the relevant sections.

Some issues (especially those that CDIGS addresses) are cross-cutting, meaning that they require coordinated effort across technology areas. For these issues, the CDIGS team forms a tiger team. The tiger team is given a specific charge (a problem to solve, a recommendation to generate) and a short time in which to do it. Members are drawn from the Globus areas that are likely to be involved in the solution, but we specifically invite members of the Globus community to participate directly by joining the team. In some cases recommendations from the Tiger Team are presented to the community for further recommendation and discussion.

Current CDIGS Tiger Teams

GRAM/RFT/Core Reliability Tiger Team

The GRAM/RFT/Core Reliability Tiger Team convened on October 3, 2007 and was expected to end on November 2, 2007. (Dates were extended to allow the Core time to produce some additional results). It was charged with developing a plan for making Globus services crash-proof – particularly in response to client requests, with an emphasis on GRAM4 (Web services-GRAM).

Service Oriented Science Requirements Tiger Team

The Service Oriented Science Requirements Tiger Team convened on October 29, 2007 through November 29, 2007. It is charged with identifying the specific user communities for which our service-oriented science technologies will be targeted, clarifying the use patterns we intend to create in those communities, and, based on those communities and patterns, documenting a concrete set of user requirements that will subsequently be used to develop an action plan.

Proposed CDIGS Tiger Teams

Completed CDIGS Tiger Teams

WS Core Specification Resync

The WS Core Specification Upgrade Tiger Team convened from March 1 to March 27, 2007 and was charged with providing a recommendation to the Globus community on whether to upgrade Core to the latest WS-RF,WS-N,WS-A specifications. Its significant results were that a report and recommendation to upgrade were made. The community was then presented with this analysis, provided additional input and agreed that the upgrade was needed. See Core Upgrade Recommendation Results.