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This page indexes all the Frequently Asked Questions at MCS. You can search for a keyword or browse below. In general, you can find status updates at the MCS Systems blog, "Dispatches from the geeks".

If you can't find the answer to your question here, please email The MCS Help Desk is located in Building 240 (aka TCS), at 2E15, and is staffed from 8:30 AM until 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM until 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday. The Help Desk phone number is (630) 252-6813. The Fax number for submitting Account Policy forms is (630) 252-7692. Please use e-mail if at all possible when reporting problems.

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Getting Started

Self Service

Service Name Provider ANL Login? MCS Login? Can I create it? Explanation
MCS Subversion (svn) Systems N Y N Systems creates new repos. MCS account required for login
RepoCafe (svn) Systems N Y Y Only MCS users can create repos and guest accounts. Documentation is provided here.
Wordpress Systems N Y* Y* Systems creates new sites. Only MCS users can create accounts for other users. Sites can be configured to use MCS credentials or can use standalone Wordpress credentials.
git repository Systems N Y N* Systems creates new repos. Systems can install SSH keys for access to repo, MCS account not necessary.
xcollab Systems N Y Y* Users can request read-only accounts. Space owners can give those accounts access to their spaces if they so desire. MCS users can create spaces at will.
xjira Systems N Y Y* Users can request read-only accounts. Project owners can give those accounts access to their projects if they so desire. We are looking into way to enable MCS users to create projects on their own. At present, only Systems can create them.
Box CIS Y N N Can share repositories with any user inside or outside ANL without affecting that user's quota. See CIS page for Box.
MediaWiki Systems N Y* Y* Systems must create new wiki sites (send a request to, wiki owners can add standalone accounts at will. Sites can be enabled to authenticate against MCS accounts as well.
Shell Access Systems N Y N External users can request accounts via Unix groups are created by Systems, managed by owners.
Mailing Lists Systems N N N* Mailing lists are created by Systems. Membership is controlled entirely by list requestor/maintaner.

Web and Mail

Operating Systems

How do I request a(n)...


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